Elevate Your Woodworking Creations

Unleash the potential of your projects with NZ WoodWax – a powerful blend of Macrocarpa-infused oils crafted to bring your woodworking projects to life. With a focus on nature's finest, our dense hard wax not only adds water protection but also offers a gentle shine and a burst of rich colors.

Crafted from 100% organic ingredients sourced right here in Aotearoa, New Zealand, our mission is to breathe new life into wood products while staying kind to the environment. No thinners or solvents in sight – just the pure goodness of time-tested ingredients. Picture this: Beeswax, Linseed Oil, Propolis (a bee-borne protector against fungus and bacteria), and the essence of Macrocarpa.

Application is effortless – a whisper-thin layer of wax, followed by a gentle polish using a soft woolen cloth. Witness the transformation as your masterpiece matures to a satin finish, preserving its beauty for years to come. Elevate your woodworking journey with NZ WoodWax – where tradition meets modern marvel.

Unveiling Our Narrative...

Embarking on a journey that spans over four decades, NZ WoodWax emerged in 1986 as a stalwart guardian of timber and furniture. The seeds of this remarkable venture were sown by a dynamic German couple, Uli and Inga, who, in the spirited 80s, sought a shield to safeguard not only their cherished wooden floorboards but also the health and well-being of their precious children. In conjunction with the German Institute of Building, their quest led them through a voyage of diligent research, marked by countless trials and tribulations, ultimately culminating in the immaculate formulation of the NZ WoodWax recipe and the birth of a business.

Word of the transformative powers of NZ WoodWax spread, and its usage became a phenomenon sweeping across New Zealand – from the northernmost reaches to the southernmost corners. People far and wide revealed the visible results of this remarkable product, cementing NZ WoodWax’s status as a household name.

Fast forward to 2022, when Matt & Jonelle, a dynamic couple from Foxton Beach, embarked on a new chapter. Driven by a profound passion for wood, fortified by extensive experience in renovations, and fueled by their thriving hardwood flooring preservation enterprise (www.floorsanders.co.nz), Matt & Jonelle embarked on a new chapter by embracing the esteemed mantle of NZ WoodWax.

Though the branding may have evolved, the heart and soul of NZ WoodWax remain unaltered – the time-honored recipe that has protected and enhanced wood for generations continues to be the beating heart of this legacy. As we venture forward into the future, we celebrate our enduring commitment to quality, innovation, and the time-honored artistry that defines NZ WoodWax.