Unleash the potential of your projects with NZ WoodWax – a powerful blend of Macrocarpa-infused oils crafted to bring your woodworking projects to life.

How to Apply

Start by oiling the timber (if you want). Once it's dry, gently put on a thin layer of NZ WoodWax. Then, use a soft cloth made of wool to polish it until it shines.

If you want to speed things up, you can use a hot air gun. When the timber is warm, the wax gets into it really well. After doing this a few times, your wood will be super protected from water.

Remember, don't use too much NZ WoodWax. Only use what you can polish in.

Product Care

Keep your product safe by following these simple steps:

Storage: Store your item at room temperature or in a cool, dry spot.

Seal It Up: Always make sure to seal the container when you're not using it. This helps keep your product in top condition.

Why Choose NZ WoodWax?

For generations, the wisdom of natural waxes and oils has safeguarded timber and furniture. Museums proudly display these preserved treasures, a testament to their enduring efficacy. The benefits of wood preservation through natural waxes are clear:


Safety & Aroma: Free from toxins, it offers a pleasant scent.


Breathability: Your wood retains its moisture exchange, enhancing the room’s atmosphere.


Durability: Safeguarding against cracks, your wood stands strong.


Effortless Restoration: Quick fixes for scratches and damages.


Water Shield: Repels water to keep your wood intact.


Anti-Static: Say goodbye to unwanted static charges.


Instant Gratification: No waiting – use right after polishing.

Embrace the time-honored advantages of NZ WoodWax, where tradition seamlessly meets modern convenience.